This collection focuses on the multichain characteristics of the Envelop protocol and refers to the primary image of our DAO — the envelope into which any asset can be 'put'.
Envelop Nova Green
DAO Envelop presents Nova Green collection. Each NFT provides access to any event on the Getpass web3 event service.

Envelop provides NFT2.0 features for any event. Getpass, in collaboration with Envelop, offers an all-inclusive solution for meetings and conferences. Getpass сreates tickets in just a few clicks with. You can surprise your guests and speakers by including gifts inside the ticket, such as coins, tokens, or even NFTs. Additionally, you can use the tickets as discount coupons or loyalty cards, and evaluate the level of audience engagement.
Available only on the largest multichain NFT marketplace
Only when users actively use the Envelop protocol will the oracle be deployed and the declared utilities become available.
Telegram: https://t.me/envelop_en
E-mail: info@envelop.is